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Course: Introduction to Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) in the Program Cycle

Improve the results of your development work by building your skills in collaborating, learning and adapting (CLA)—USAID's approach to organizational learning and adaptive management in the Program Cycle.

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About the Course

Intended for development professionals, including USAID staff and partners, this 45-minute introductory, online course will introduce you to CLA, the CLA Framework, the pathways for integrating CLA in your work, and key tools and resources available to help you do so.

Participants will work through a series of interactive scenarios using reference tools and resources to apply their learning throughout the course. You can choose how much time you spend exploring all of the resources, examples and context in the course.

Course Objectives

Through completing this online course, participants will:

  • Understand how collaborating, learning and adapting can help you achieve development outcomes more effectively
  • Practice applying practical CLA approaches 
  • Learn where to find available CLA tools and resources


To receive Continuous Learning Points (CLPs), you must complete the course on FAI-CSOD (USAID login required).

Explore CLA Resources

The course introduces you to a wealth of resources to support you in using CLA approaches in your work. Explore the USAID Learning Lab website to find:


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