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A young boy explores and points to places on a globe with others.

Insights & Practice

Special collections and our main library of resources shared by community members.

Spotlight on COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact in countries around the world, and USAID and its partners are responding to the pandemic at home and abroad. These resources aim to help USAID and partners continue to monitor, evaluate and learn from our programs as we respond to the changing COVID-19 environment.

Google map shows the CLA Case Competition case studies available for viewing by country and other filter options.

CLA Case Map

USAID’s annual Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) Case Competition captures cases of USAID staff and implementing partners using a CLA  approach for organizational learning and better development outcomes. The Case Map is a searchable database of hundreds of submitted examples since 2016.

Local Capacity Strengthening Policy - New Training!

Putting the Local Capacity Strengthening Policy into Practice

The Local Capacity Strengthening Policy is centered around seven mutually-reinforcing principles that are flexible and action-oriented to help guide decisions and choices that lead to more effective programming and equitable partnerships. Explore each principle for practical examples, tools and resources, and reflect on how to apply these principles in your own work.