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CLA Resources by Topic Covered in the Course

General CLA Resources

CLA Page on ProgramNet | This internal to USAID webpage is your primary starting point for locating key CLA tools, resources and updates on new resources and events. (Requires USAID login.)

USAID Learning Lab | An interactive community where both USAID staff and partners can access and contribute to tools and resources on integrating CLA throughout the Program Cycle

Evidence Base for CLA Dashboard | The CLA Evidence Dashboard organizes all of the evidence about how and under what conditions CLA impacts organizational effectiveness and development outcomes.

CLA Toolkit | When you need help planning and implementing specific Program Cycle activities, reference the growing set of curated tools and resources in the CLA Toolkit.

CLA Case Competition Database | Looking for examples of CLA in action that are relevant to your work? Use the map, filters, and search box to browse 350+ case studies on USAID Learning Lab.

Better Development Programming through CLA | USAID Staff: Sign up for the five-day classroom training to deepen your skills in using CLA approaches. (Requires USAID login.)

CLA Community of Practice | USAID Staff: Join our CLA Community of Practice to learn about CLA from colleagues across the Agency. (Requires USAID login.)

Questions? | Looking for other resources or want to get in touch with the PPL/LER CLA Team? Contact us at [email protected].

Adaptive Management

Toolkit Cluster | CLA Toolkit: Adaptive Management

Toolkit Cluster | CLA Toolkit: CLA in Implementing Mechanisms

Discussion Note | Adaptive Management Discussion Note

Learning-Focused Meetings | Designing and Facilitating Learning-Focused Meetings

Discussion Note | Co-Creation Discussion Note

Relationships and Networks

Facilitative Leadership | Facilitative Leadership: Using Facilitation to Enable Strategic Collaboration

CLA Maturity Tool | CLA Maturity Tool Overview

Case Story | Resetting the Relationship - Learning about Learning: Lessons on Implementing a Knowledge Management and Learning Project from the USAID KDMD Project

Toolkit Cluster | CLA Toolkit: Engaging Stakeholders

Monitoring and Evaluation for Learning

CLA Toolkit | CLA Toolkit: M&E for Learning

Evaluation Toolkit | "Sharing, Using, and Learning from Evaluations"

Action Plans | Post-Evaluation Action Plans

Utilizing Evaluations | Utilizing and Learning from Evaluations

Case Study | No One Can Know Everything: Collaborating for Better Evaluations Recommendations

USAID Mission Resources

Toolkit Cluster | CLA Toolkit: Resourcing CLA

Toolkit Cluster | CLA Toolkit: CLA in Activity Design and Implementation

Case Study | CLA in Afghanistan: Promoting Enabling Conditions in a Non-Permissive Environment

CLA Position Descriptions | Examples of Position Descriptions for CLA-Focused Staff

Example | Example of a Scope of Work for a CLA Mechanism

Case Study | Rising Coca Production and USAID/Colombia: Responding with Rapid Iterative Learning

External Collaboration

CLA Toolkit | CLA Toolkit: Engaging Stakeholders

Evidence Base for CLA | A Review of the Evidence: CLA Fosters Local Ownership and, Ultimately, Better Results

Discussion Note | USAID Discussion Note: Co-Creation

Collaboration Mapping | Collaboration Mapping

Net-Mapping | Introduction to Net-Mapping

Case Study | Collaborating, Learning and Adapting to Develop the Bangladesh Dairy Sector

Case Study | Stakeholder Consultation Visits to Improve Strategic Planning

Using Open-Space | Using Open Space for Strategy Development in Indonesia


Monitoring Toolkit | USAID Monitoring Toolkit: Guidance, Tools, & Resources for Monitoring at USAID

How-To Note | Prepare and Maintain a Performance Management Plan (PMP)

Learning Agenda Template | Establishing a Learning Agenda and Learning Agenda Template

Case Study | Nigeria Education Crisis Response: Using Feedback Loops to Drive Project Success

Case Study | USAID/Malawi's Experiment in Integration to Foster Collaboration and Improve Programmatic Decision-Making