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A Story Untold: Video Journalism Gives a Voice to Local Women Leaders

Jul 15, 2013

This post was written by Angie Tyler from the Women's Leadership in Small & Medium Enterprises program (WLSME) in Kyrgyzstan

Citizen Journalism is changing the world by empowering local communities to tell their stories from their own perspectives. As part of the Women's Leadership in Small & Medium Enterprises program (WLSME) in Kyrgyzstan, staff members are keeping up with the latest trends in development by holding a multimedia training on 26-29 June 2013 on state-of-the-art mobile journalism or “MoJo” kits to develop skills that will ultimately contribute to the WLSME program’s success.

Kyrgyz staff practice using video equipment

The interactive, four-day training in basic journalism, new technologies in video production led by media expert, Mike Clarke, prepares WLSME staff to create a series of short films throughout the three-year project.

The MoJo kit provides high quality for low cost, with all the tools of a professional videographer combined with the latest technologies. We plan to create videos that transport viewers into the shoes of women entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan, revealing how women-owned enterprises contribute to economic growth and positive social change on the local, national and international levels.

By telling stories through the eyes of women entrepreneurs, we can see how women play many different roles, as successful business-owners as well as social activists, community leaders, and devoted mothers.

Many Kyrgyz women started their businesses out of necessity, to provide for their families during economic hardship. These short films will show not only how these women survive, but thrive – demonstrating clear examples of women actively engaged in the global economy and inspiring future generations of women across Central Asia to realize their full potential as entrepreneurs.

In discovering the intricacies of running a business, whether in the garment, tourism or agro-processing sector, we will promote the stories of Kyrgyz women in their own words.

WLSME plans to produce five documentaries based on the MoJo video approach.