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We're New and Improved! Redesigned Learning Lab Supports Accessible Learning and Sharing

May 05, 2022
Learning Lab Team

You might have noticed that Learning Lab has a new look and feel! USAID is delighted to introduce the redesigned site to the Learning Lab community. 

Significant updates build upon and strengthen Learning Lab as the Agency’s community platform for sharing tools and approaches to learning for better development programming. While the same great tools and resources are available on Learning Lab, the redesigned site and a new navigation menu allow our users - both regular visitors and those who are brand new! - to better explore and share content.

Collaborating, learning and adapting (CLA), monitoring, and evaluation feature prominently in the main navigation and site-wide as key touchstones for learning. The three toolkits can be found under each of their respective headers. "Learning at USAID," a new section of the site, highlights the Agency-wide policies and priorities that shape and guide those core practices. "Agency Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning (KMOL)," "Agency Learning Agenda (ALA)," and "Agency Evaluation" all have new homes in this section.

"Insights and Practice" is a portal into the full Learning Lab Library and houses special collections of curated resources that demonstrate what putting CLA, monitoring, and evaluation into practice looks like. You might be interested in the Global Learning and Adaptive Management initiative or the CLA Case Map, for example. Browse content by type or by key word search, with our improved search function.

Last but not least, our new "Community" page underlines what has always been the heart of Learning Lab: contributions and engagement from the development community. USAID staff, partners, and the broader development community are the reason for this legacy of sharing and learning that has taken place on the platform. We’ve made it easier than ever to contribute content to Learning Lab. Further information on the submission process and even tips for blog writing are accessible on this page.

Enjoy exploring the new site! Whether it’s finding your go-to resource or inspiration from a real-world example of putting CLA into practice, we hope that Learning Lab supports you to improve and learn from development programming for better outcomes. If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear them. Email us at [email protected].

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Learning Lab Team

Learning Lab is hosted by USAID’s Bureau for Policy, Learning, and Resource Management (PLR) with support from PLR’s Program Cycle Mechanism. The team behind the site works to bring you the most up-to-date content from the Agency and provide a collaborative space for staff and partners.