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Frameworks for Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning within International Development and Aid Programming

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Date and time

June 3, 2019 - June 7, 2019


Fondazione di ricerca Istituto Carlo Cattaneo

Event Description

Frameworks for Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning within International Development and Aid Programming

This five-day course blends theory and practice through an integrated curriculum. It opens with the theory and relevance of AM within the international development sector and then provides participants with insight into donors’ perspectives and AM prioritization within funding channels. With an emphasis on the practical application of theory, the course offers a range of tools and solutions to build participants’ expertise on how MEAL and theory of change programming can support AM processes within their work.

The course places emphasis on contextualizing AM within the realities of complexity and fluid operating environments faced by international development practitioners. Using dynamic cases studies inspired by evolving ‘real-world’ contexts, participants will interact with a theory of change-based programme cycle to explore all aspects of the result chain from inputs to impact. An interactive approach to learning will enable participants to experiment with MEAL tools and processes along a causal pathway. Throughout the five days, participants will work though a linked series of evolving scenarios which mirror contextual shifts that often occur, highlighting the importance of an AM approach for decision-making, course correction and adjustment of theories of change. Facilitated thematic discussions will offer opportunities for participants to reflect on assumptions, address risks and challenges and promote cross-learning.

The course content explores the usage of MEAL tools from both a supply and demand perspective. The supply side processes of tool design, evidence collection, analysis and quality control will focus on how to source relevant and accessible information against a causal pathway. The demand side focus on evidence utilization by programme implementers will demonstrate how to integrate AM processes such as review meetings, participatory reflections and agile decision-making. Participants will gain understanding about different strategies to optimize existing capacities and resources on the ground to balance both sides.

This is the 14th annual season of the Monitoring and Evaluation Professional Summer Training Programme for Development Experts and Practitioners. Over the years, the programme has been jointly promoted by the Centre for International Development (CID Bologna), the University of Bologna Department of Economic Sciences (DSE-Unibo), the Cattaneo Institute Research Foundation and the Center for International Development at the State University of New York (CID-SUNY).