This story is part of CARE's Women Respond series, which is an initiative to learn from and amplify the direct perspectives, experiences and priorities shared by poor and working-class women facing COVID-19 across the geographies... read more
Jan 12, 2021
| Learning Lab
Insights from a Meta-Evaluation of USAID/Liberia's Portfolio from 2016-2020As Social Impact’s (SI) five-year Liberia Strategic Analysis (LSA) contract facilitating data-driven decision making with USAID/Liberia comes to an end, we... read more
Dec 22, 2020
| Learning Lab
“Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” --Samuel BeckettHere’s my favorite part of that quote: the ultimate goal is not a lack of failure; it’s better failures. That’s good news for CARE, because we just... read more
Nov 17, 2020
| Emily Janoch
A collective look-back at the first 2 years of the Multi-Donor Learning Partnership for Development Impact This blog was cross-posted from the Multi-Donor Learning Partnership (MDLP) website.  A little more than two years ago, a... read more
Nov 4, 2020
| Learning Lab
USAID Advancing Nutrition is the agency’s flagship multi-sectoral nutrition project. Led by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) and a diverse group of experienced partners, we strengthen the enabling environment and... read more
Oct 23, 2020
| Abigail Conrad
Authors: The Office of Local Sustainability Evidence and Learning Team (Danielle Pearl, Amanda Satterwhite, Colleen Brady, Elliot Signorelli, Cydney Gumann, Paul Vincelli, and KC Das) For two months in the Spring of 2020, the Office... read more
Sep 29, 2020
| Cydney Gumann
Microphone and laptop in podcast studio
Amy Leo was previously the human behind USAID Learning Lab. Now, she’s a Senior Adaptive Management Specialist with Acute Incite’s International Development Practice. This blog post was originally published on the Incites blog on... read more
Sep 8, 2020
| Amy Leo
At FHI 360, we have been engaged in thinking about how to make our collaborating, learning and adapting (CLA) efforts intentional, systematic, and resourced. Many workshops have hinged around the question is our CLA as... read more
Sep 4, 2020
| Ratiba Cherif
Monalisa Salib is Social Impact's Sr. Director for Organizational Learning, USAID/Learns Under the USAID/Vietnam Learns contract, Social Impact recently updated its Activity Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Plan (AMELP). This... read more
Aug 26, 2020
| Learning Lab
If you’d asked what we thought would be a “worst case scenario” for our work in monitoring, evaluation, research, learning & adapting (MERLA) before March of this year, we might have answered “data quality checks are not going... read more
Aug 12, 2020