USAID’s Local Solutions Seeks Government Performance Monitoring Tools and Approaches

Jul 19, 2016 by David Jacobstein, Danielle Pearl Comments (0)

Local Solutions is the name for a USAID approach to carrying out our work in ways that support and enable countries to sustain their own development. Initially launched as Implementation and Procurement Reform, an initiative under USAID Forward, with a focus on modalities of direct local partnership with host country entities, Local Solutions has evolved to emphasize efforts to achieve sustainable, locally owned development. 

As such, an important part of our Local Solutions efforts to support local ownership and enhance the sustainability of development results is government-to-government (G2G) assistance. As part of our efforts to do better G2G programming, USAID staff are putting together a menu of tools and resources for monitoring the effects of capacity development on government partners, and offering it to missions.

While the Agency have started to gather such tools internally, we would like to have the best toolkit and one representative of our global experience. We know that there are a lot of indicators and measurement tools out there, and that many of our partners who work on public financial management, decentralization and local governance, or performance improvement have tested methods for doing so. We would like to invite those partners to share their tools with us.

In the comments below or by contacting the two staff leading this effort, Democracy Specialist David Jacobstein ([email protected]) and Local Solutions M&E Advisor Danielle Pearl ([email protected]), we invite you to post indicators, measurement approaches, or monitoring tools that can be used by USAID missions to measure the performance of specific partner government operating units, at either national or decentralized levels.

We will review the submissions for their conformity with relevant best practices, such as the recommendations for capacity development measurement, and include those that fit in our internal menu. Thank you for your support and collaboration!