Video: RTI International's CLA Sprint

Feb 8, 2018 by Amy Leo, Molly Chen Comments (0)

Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) Challenge Week prompted RTI International's International Development Group to convene their Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning and Adapting (MERLA) Community of Practice to share how members are implementing CLA in their projects and divisions.

Molly Chen, MERLA Specialist with RTI International's Global Health Division, International Development Group says: "RTI's International Development Group formed a Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning and Adapting (MERLA) Community of Practice this year and we've challenged ourselves to develop and nurture a culture of learning across our organization. During the CLA Challenge Week, the MERLA Community of Practice members met to share how we are implementing CLA in our projects and divisions. We heard from MERLA specialists helping to develop learning agendas for their projects, disseminate research findings with the goal of adapting these learnings back into the project, and organizing pause and reflect moments for our team of knowledge management experts to share their experiences."

Watch RTI International's CLA Challenge Week video to learn how MERLA Community of Practice members are integrating CLA in their work:

Molly reports that going forward, "the RTI MERLA Community of Practice will continue to take on the challenges we've set and will share these experiences through different mechanisms of knowledge sharing such as Yammer, SalesForce, and a potential blog post on our Medium blog!"