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Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Toolkits

Monitoring, Evaluation, and CLA Toolkits

USAID Learning Lab hosts three toolkits to provide USAID staff and implementing partners with the resources to plan, implement and integrate monitoring, evaluating and CLA-related practices into USAID programming.

CLA Toolkit

The CLA Toolkit is a growing set of curated resources on collaborating, learning and adapting to help you plan and implement Program Cycle activities more effectively. Searchable by the CLA Framework and Program Cycle components, the CLA Toolkit houses practical tools, examples of what CLA looks like in practice and guidance on how to plan for CLA programming.

Evaluation Toolkit

The Evaluation Toolkit contains the latest USAID guidance, tools and templates for initiating, planning, managing and learning from evaluations primarily for USAID staff members who are involved in any phase of the evaluation process. It also serves as a resource for USAID staff members and external contractors who participate in or conduct evaluations for the Agency.

Evaluation provides an opportunity to consider both planned and unplanned results, re-examine development hypotheses (and underlying assumptions), and make adjustments based on new evidence. Ultimately, evaluation can improve development effectiveness by strengthening the evidence base about what works and what does not, better enabling decision makers to make hard choices.

Monitoring Toolkit

The Monitoring Toolkit consists of the latest USAID Program Cycle guidance, tools, and templates for monitoring USAID strategies, projects and activities. It is a resource for USAID staff members and external partners who manage or implement USAID efforts.

The toolkit is organized to inform users how to monitor development interventions. It begins with a focus on monitoring within USAID’s Program Cycle but expands to provide more general information and best practices in the field of monitoring. Specific sections include:

  • Monitoring in the Program Cycle
  • Monitoring Approaches
  • Monitoring Indicators
  • Monitoring Data
  • Analysis, Use, and Reporting