Attribution for Technical Assistance

How do we (can we) report on indicators for which we are merely providing Technical Assistance (TA) - e.g. if we are not directly supporting service delivery, rather TA that supports those providing service delivery, are we able to attribute/report on 100% or some other percentage of those service delivery results?


David Ratliff | United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Jan 22, 2016

It really depends on what your ultimate intended outcome is. If the activity is technical assistance, but you are expecting the technical assistance to lead to improved service delivery, then you would need to measure both. Usually, improved service delivery is the combination of TA and other activities that lead to that higher level result. I would recommend measuring the effect of your TA (capacity building?) using an index score or some other composite score. I would also recommend that you try and measure service delivery--sorry I can't give you more guidance without knowing what technical sector you are talking about. 

You can always caveat the service delivery reporting by acknowledging that there is no direct attribution between the TA and the service delivery. Again, if the ultimate goal is to improve service delivery, I would look to add additional activities that would support that goal, or talk to other donors, NGOs to see what assistance they could provide.

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