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Database (reporting/knowledge management) to support CLA?
Our project is a decentralized, multi-site capacity-building initiative. We would like to support information flow, reporting, and CLA efforts with a reporting and learning database. The OTI database is a good example. Has anyone had experience with using databases to support CLA? Are there any off the shelf options?


Kate Mueller | DevResults
Dec 15, 2016

Hi Elizabeth:

If it's not too much of a shameless plug, I work for DevResults and we are an off-the-shelf provider for international development organizations looking to manage M&E data collection and management, etc. I'm not sure if that's exactly what you're looking for, but feel free to browse the website and reach out if I can provide more detail!


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Alison Hemberger | Mercy Corps
Dec 23, 2016

Hi Elizabeth,

Mercy Corps PRIME team in Ethiopia submitted a case to the CLA case competition last year on using a database system to create a common practice for field-level teams to generate concept notes for interventions, track activity-level results, and have a place to collect how interventions changed and evolved based on lessons learned. Kimetrica was the partner who led the implementation of the database, but in order to make it effective, it required a heavy focus on team training and a culture to support team members to surface their ideas through concept notes in the data base. Getting the database up and running also took time, and the team notes that financial investments like these may not make sense for smaller or shorter programs.

You can see the case here: https://usaidlearninglab.org/library/prime-time-mercy-corps-ethiopias-concept-note-and-reporting-system

If you'd like more info, I'm happy to put you in touch with the team. Hope this helps!
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