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Community Contribution

After Action Review (AAR): Empowerment through Learning

Delvis Rodríguez, María Villalobos

mentation the USAID/BHA-funded Multisectoral Assitance project was scheduled to begin in September 2022, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation was delayed and the staff had to design remote implementation processes together with the implementing organizations (Fe y Alegría, Asociación Civil el Paragüero and Alimenta la Solidaridad), which represented a great challenge, due to the long distance of the communities and the difficulties of communication and Internet access. As this was the first project implemented by Save the Children in eastern Venezuela and due to the various improvisations that the staff was forced to make, it was considered that the follow-up of learning to identify weaknesses, good practices and strengthen collaboration between organizations, the After Action Review were implemented based on the approach of collaboration, learning and adaptability (CLA), based mainly on the subcomponent of pause & reflect and complemented by learning management, M&E for learning and internal collaboration.

SC utilized the CLA to improve quality of the selection and registration process based on the data and by adapting new technologies. As a result of CLA approaches, SC has reached over 26,000 vulnerable Venezuelans with financial assistance to meet their basic needs; reduced the time between the selection and registration (48 hours vs one week); and expanded complementary nutrition, protection, and WASH activities through social media.

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