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Community Contribution

Agricultural Empowerment to Marginalized Widows in Anbar

Ammar Ahmed, Abduljalil Baqqal

The case study talks about one of the activities in Iraq, West of Anbar. It talks about two subcomponents of CLA ( internal collaboration, external collaboration and decision making) used to adapt approach of CLA. The case study talks about the challenges the team went through designing and implementing activity post-ISIS war where many women became widow after losing their husbands during the war. Those women used to depend on their husbands who supported them on their daily life. Other challenges team experienced were lack of resources in designated area, distance of the location, difficulties in acquiring data, access issues, and limited partners with technical expertise. The team adopted CLA to overcome the obstacles to ensure the outcome of the activity along with the program's goal. CLA approaches became a must tool among the team.

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