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Applying Evidence when Engaging the Private Sector: USAID’s New Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Evidence Gap Map!

Self-Reliance Learning Agenda and Private Sector Engagement teams

Looking for evidence to inform how you engage the private sector in your work? Look no further than USAID’s New Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Evidence Gap Map! The Evidence Gap Map can support the learning efforts of Missions and Operating Units and further evidence generation under the Self Reliance Learning Agenda (SRLA),  which in part aims to understand how PSE can support countries in advancing on the Journey to Self-Reliance.

This new tool is an interactive, visual map that allows users to explore the evidence on PSE by filtering for various criteria such as region, country, and sector. What is so special about this tool is that it is not a one-off audit of what evidence exists: it’s a living resource that will be continuously updated with the latest evidence on PSE.

How can you contribute to the continued learning and evidence generation on PSE?

  • Use the map to find evidence to inform your work and to see how it is contributing to J2SR

  • Share your research by submitting a form at the bottom of the evidence gap map page.

Photo Credit: Kashish Das Shrestha for USAID

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