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Balkan Media Assistance Program: A case study in locally led development


This case study highlights the achievements of the Balkan Media Assistance Program (BMAP) made possible by the project’s use of such locally led development enabling tools as engaging in co-design and relying on local expertise during the planning and implementation phases of the project. Highlights from this case study include: 

  • Creating an environment where local media outlets served in leadership roles, identified the areas of focus, and designed the project’s activities through a collaborative co-design process empowered them to implement solutions that met their specific needs and that were sustainable over the long-term. 
  • Relying on local expertise and knowledge promoted trust building and resulted in more impactful results given that region and country-specific experts had a greater understanding of the local context ensuring the relevance of their support. 
  • To facilitate the scaling of these types of outcomes, BMAP also acted as a facilitator, building trust and cooperation between different media stakeholders in the region, allowing knowledge to be shared sustainably, an essential step for lasting change.

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