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Community Contribution

Collaborating to Improve Service Quality: CLA for Performance Improvement in Georgia

Sara Kline

The USAID/Georgia HICD 2020 Activity used the CLA approach to support the State Fund for Protection and Assistance of Victims of Human Trafficking (ATIPfund) in conducting a performance assessment of the organization’s performance gaps and developing performance solutions based on assessment results. USAID and HICD 2020 facilitated collaborative discussions and strategy workshops with ATIPfund’s mid-level and senior-managers to identify areas of organizational improvement, develop a long-term strategy and action plan to outline the organization’s service delivery and operations management objectives; and develop an online performance monitoring and evaluation system (PMES) for ATIPfund to better monitor and track its performance. 

USAID and HICD 2020’s emphasis on internal and external collaboration resulted in buy-in from multiple stakeholder groups across ATIPfund’s main and regional offices to utilize the strategy documents and online PMES. USAID and HICD 2020 anticipate that ATIPfund’s use of collaborative and adaptive management strategies will strengthen its capabilities as a USAID partner institution that supports the Mission’s goals to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment. As ATIPfund improves its abilities to provide more targeted care and manage services on a larger-scale, this service expansion can contribute to improved child development outcomes, women’s livelihoods, and elderly care, which could in turn boost quality of life for citizens of Georgia in the long term.

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