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Collaborative Knowledge Management - The USAID Liberia Anthology Roadshow

Liberia Strategic Analysis

Finalist RibbonThe Liberia Development Conference Anthology is a compilation of 39 analytical research papers on potential solutions to Liberia’s development challenges. In an effort to infuse national dialogue and decision-making with technical evidence base, USAID/Liberia collaborated with donors, academia and other key stakeholders to produce and disseminate the Anthology throughout the country. Given Liberia’s complex development terrain, impacting national dialogue was a challenge due to high levels of illiteracy, limited library access, a struggling education system and poor internet penetration rates. An innovative Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) approach was essential to ensuring that a broad range of stakeholders benefited from this collaborative knowledge management exercise. In order to accomplish this objective, the Anthology was adapted from its 500-page print version into various multi-media formats that could appeal to a wide range of Liberian stakeholders. Abridged, electronic and audio versions of the Anthology were developed, and our team embarked on a nationwide dissemination of the Anthology: the LDC Anthology Roadshow.

Note: This year's case competition entry form included a new question about whether or not the highlighted CLA approach(es) contribute to a country’s Journey to Self-Reliance.The response to this question was not scored as part of the judging process.

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