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Community Contribution

Documenting Learning and Decisions in a Refugee Context in Uganda

Andie Procopio

In this constantly changing context, the AVSI-led consortium is working on a 7-year Activity, whereby 13,200 households (HHs) in Kamwenge District that are economically active, but chronically unable to meet their basic needs without some form of assistance, will participate in an adapted graduation program, with fifty percent coming from the host community and fifty percent refugees from Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in the same district.

Working in a fast-paced environment and regularly changing context, Graduating to Resilience, had to develop CLA tools to record and document Decisions and Lessons Learned. These tools are used to not only document this information, but also the current context when decisions are made, factors that lead up to decisions, results, responsible parties, and action items. The Lessons Learned Tracker also documents a "learning application" to understand how this information can be used and who it can be shared with both internally and externally. These simple but effective CLA approaches have helped Graduating to Resilience improve knowledge management, decision making, institutional memory, internal and external collaboration, and adaptive management.

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