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Community Contribution

Getting the Big Picture: Meta-Analysis of the Liberia Country Development Cooperation Strategy

Tanya Garnett & Chris Thompson
USAID/Liberia sought to learn from six years of implementing its current Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS 2013-2018) to prepare its new strategic plan (2019-2024). The Mission's Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) activity, Liberia Strategic Analysis (LSA), elected an innovative, CLA-based Meta-Analysis technique to rapidly analyze 142 indicators and 353 reports from this period into actionable findings, conclusions, and recommendations at the strategic-level. 
The Meta-Analysis prompted the Mission to reflect on its progress towards the strategic goal, development objectives, and intermediate results from the CDCS. USAID/Liberia used its findings and recommendations as a knowledge base for its Portfolio Review, to guide discussions in its CDCS Core Working Group, and to prepare the Phase 1 Concept Note and Phase 2 Results Framework Paper for its new strategic plan.
USAID/Liberia's use of the Meta-Analysis as a CLA tool strengthened it as a learning organization by grounding its new strategic plan in the evidence and analysis of the last six years. CLA enabled the Mission to rapidly understand the summary effect of large quantities of M&E data. By helping USAID/Liberia to get the big picture, the Meta-Analysis prevented it from taking the same old approach to development in Liberia and encouraged it to manage adaptively.