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Community Contribution

Getting REAL: A Visual Synthesis of Results from Resilience Programming Research

Tom Spangler

REAL was itself a response to a CLA problem, specifically the lack of concrete and context-specific evidence to validate and inform refinement of resilience concepts and definitions. Despite the Award’s success in strengthening the technical evidence base for USAID-funded resilience programming, REAL was challenged to develop knowledge management approaches that would make the full set of learning resources accessible to and useful for multiple audiences.

When REAL’s planned approach to knowledge exchange – i.e. in-person ‘culmination workshops’ – were made impossible due to COVID-19, the consortium adapted plans, collaborated with a new partner (I4DI), and learned a new approach to presenting advanced research in a compelling format.

Through consistent internal and external collaboration, joint learning on the part of consortium partners and I4DI, and continual adaptation of the Dashboard structure and visualization, REAL’s Synthesis of Evidence from Resilience Programming (the Dashboard) has evolved into much better, more interactive and more effective tool than the static infographics initially envisioned by the consortium. We are excited to unveil this valuable new resource for knowledge sharing, advocacy, capacity strengthening and decision-making among a wide audience of potential users. Most importantly, we expect the Dashboard will be instrumental in promoting wider application of the technical evidence base in Activity planning and implementation, and distill learning from a range of knowledge management resources in a format that is widely accessible among a diverse community of practice.

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