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USAID Contribution

GROOVE Market Facilitation Program Administrator's Guide


The GROOVE Market Facilitation Mentoring Program is designed to increase staff capacity to implement value chain programs that provide sustainable economic benefits to the poor and support institutional capacity building in market facilitation. The program was developed and tested by the “Growing Organizational Value Chain Excellence,” or GROOVE, Learning Network. Comprised of CARE, CHF International, Conservation International and Practical Action, GROOVE was a three-year effort supported by USAID’s Microenterprise Development office to help GROOVE members test an approach to provide high-touch, structured mentoring to emerging market facilitators within their organizations.

This Administrator’s Guide provides NGOs interested in developing a market facilitation mentoring program with guidance on how to adapt and administer the program based on the lessons from the GROOVE experience.

The content in the MFMP Administrator’s Guide is part of the full MFMP package, which includes a series of power point presentations targeted at different program stakeholders, an illustrative launch workshop agenda, a mentee capacity assessment tool and mentor/mentee agreement template, a promotional flyer and a series of 10 Topical Guides, one for each competency addressed in the MFMP.

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