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USAID Contribution

GROOVE Quarterly Learning Journal Template


The GROOVE learning network utilized learning journals in a number of ways. In addition to providing an opportunity to reflect on their own, network members used the journals as a group resource to learn about other’s experiences and raise questions for discussion. To support this practice, GROOVE facilitators often highlighted themes or emerging synergies from the journals and pulled out notable sections to stimulate conversation among the group. USAID activity managers were also given the opportunity to read the journals and suggest topics for further discussion.

In addition, GROOVE facilitators used the learning journals to highlight certain materials or approaches for the entire group or to pose exploratory questions. With information from the journals, facilitators also provided support to network members in challenging situations, as well as resources to help with member issues and questions. In some cases, the learning journals provided facilitators with the opportunity to challenge members to think in different ways or look at issues from another direction.

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