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Localizing Health Care Quality: Unveiling Innovative Solutions through Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) Conferences in Liberia

Gaspar Mbita

The USAID/STAIP project in Liberia organized the Collaborating Learning and Adapting (CLA) Conferences to facilitate knowledge sharing and continuous learning among healthcare providers. The second CLA Conference, held in Monrovia in 2023, brought together 235 participants from various sectors to explore key thematic areas such as Health Systems Strengthening, Performance-Based Financing, Maternal and Newborn Health, Malaria, and Data Optimization. Through plenary sessions, oral presentations, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, attendees shared insights and best practices.

Three important lessons emerged from the conference. The first lesson highlighted the effectiveness of targeted coaching and mentorship in improving documentation practices and increasing the uptake of Intermittent Preventive Treatment in pregnancy (IPTp) at the Barraken Clinic. By implementing strategies like aligning appointment dates with market days and conducting monthly verification of IPTp uptake, the clinic significantly improved its performance from 45% in 2021 to an impressive 103% in 2022.

The second lesson focused on enhancing postpartum care services at LAC Hospital. Onsite coaching and mentoring improved the hospital staff's data collection and reporting processes, resulting in a significant increase in the percentage of women receiving timely postpartum care from 57% in January-March 2021 to a commendable 100% in January-March 2023.

The third lesson emphasized the benefits of integrating the COVID vaccine campaign with routine immunization efforts in Bomi County. Coordinated efforts, tracking vaccine defaulters, and accurate data recording led to a substantial increase in fully immunized children under one year from 61% in 2020 to an impressive 109% in 2022 and facilitated the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine to over 70% of the total population.

To ensure sustainability, monitoring, evaluation, and data utilization are crucial. Close monitoring, county ownership, collaboration, stakeholder engagement, local leadership, and adaptability are key elements for success. Health programs worldwide can improve implementation, foster innovation, and enhance health outcomes with the CLA approach. 

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