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Pause and Reflect Toolkit and Good Practices Guide

Measuring Impact II

The Pause and Reflect Toolkit provides facilitators with a centralized collection of resources, enabling them to find everything they need to lead and support a pause and reflect process. These resources range from instructions for facilitating stoplight diagrams to addressing common facilitation challenges.

The “Good Practices for Pause and Reflect in the Activity Cycle” presents a framework for group-based activity-level pause and reflect processes to inform activity learning and annual work planning. The guide offers pause and reflect practices to help teams digest what happened during the previous year of implementation and make informed decisions that they can operationalize during annual planning processes to support adaptive management.

  • The "Good Practices Guide for Pause and Reflect" is also available in Spanish.
    • Esta guía presenta opciones para los procesos de pausa y reflexión dirigido a grupos a nivel de actividades para informar el aprendizaje de la actividad y la planificación anual de trabajo.

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