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Community Contribution

Pause & Reflect Planning Tool

Jessica Ziegler

Pause and Reflect is central to collaborating, learning and adapting (CLA) as well as to improving programming and development outcomes. USAID defines pause and reflect (P&R) as “a component of learning and adaptive management, the act of taking time to think critically about ongoing activities and processes and plan for the best way forward.” P&R can encompass a broad range of activities that provide structure and intentionality to taking stock of strategies, programming, and/or organizational processes. P&R sessions can generate learning, knowledge, and even data that contribute to evidence-based decision-making and adaptive management. 

It is recommended to pause periodically to reflect on new learning and knowledge and adapt accordingly. The following 2-page tool offers guiding questions for consideration that are especially helpful in planning more complex P&R sessions, such as strategy reviews or pre-workplanning reflections. It is available in English and Vietnamese. 

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