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Practical InnoVative On-the-Job Technical Assistance Brief


Practical, InnoVative, On-the-Job Technical Support (PIVOT) is a demand-driven, holistic, and immersive learning-by-doing approach to mobilizing Agency-wide strategies and priority frameworks. Through targeted Mission support, PIVOT seeks to strengthen and reinforce the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of USAID staff, renovating organizational culture at the Mission-level to achieve greater development impact. Notably, PIVOT is designed to build key technical skills while enhancing
collaboration, learning, and adapting (CLA), and leadership development in a brave, equitable, and engaging environment that encourages experimentation, reflection, and feedback.

This brief introduces readers to the PIVOT approach and summaries how the PIVOT approach has been implemented to date, key lessons PIVOT implementers have learned, and next steps for the PIVOT approach. 

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