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USAID Contribution

Report: Integration of USAID in the Western Highlands


Guatemala has a well-deserved reputation for strategic integration of its poverty and malnutrition programs, integrating three Presidential Initiative multi-year strategies, USAID staff, and project-financed human and financial resources to work in Guatemala’s western highlands. The Mission reached consensus upon the selection of 30 municipalities in 5 departments as well as upon a comprehensive population-based survey design and common, shared indicators that would measure the impact of the integration of its efforts. This paper will concentrate largely, but not exclusively on the internal USAID/Guatemala processes underway with reference to relevant external interactions with stakeholders, other donors, and the Government of Guatemala. It is our intention in this document to capture “where we were”, “where we are” as well as “where we’re headed” as a true development partners with USG implementing agents and Government of Guatemala officials.

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