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Community Contribution

Tracking Allegations of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse BPR

Evan Baker
CLA Case Competition Blue Finalist Ribbon

M/MPBP executed a Pause and Reflect activity to improve the Agency’s system for tracking allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA). The Action Alliance for Preventing Sexual Misconduct (AAPSM) was the executive sponsor for this activity and sought a business process review (BPR) of the Agency’s policies in order to respond to the Administrator’s call to action on preventing SEA. This activity relied heavily on internal and external collaboration to develop recommendations for improvement, in addition to “as-is” and “to-be” process maps. The BPR Team presented nine recommendations on how the Agency can improve its SEA response, case management, investigation, and action on allegations. To facilitate leadership decision-making, M/MPBP presented recommendations with their expected degree of complexity and cost. Agency leadership accepted all nine recommendations. Significant impacts of the SEA BPR included the creation of a Safeguarding Unit and a more centralized system to track allegations. The BPR enabled the Agency to fulfill its publicly declared commitment to addressing SEA. The SEA BPR is an example of using CLA that has implications for both internal operations and programming.

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