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USAID Contribution

USAID/Armenia Field-Based Learning Review Resource Library


This set of resources was developed by USAID/Armenia as part of a model for integrating field-based learning and portfolio reviews into other processes within the Program Cycle. The majority of the resources were created to be used as templates.

  • Strategic Portfolio Review Overview - slide deck for communicating new portfolio review model to USAID internal audiences 
    • Can easily be adapted for external audiences
  • Site Visit Planning Parameters - rules of thumb for planning and organizing site visits that support Field-based component of USAID/Armenia’s Portfolio Reviews, based on learning from test run in June 2022
  • Site Visit Schedule - create a version for each site visit team with details on which sites they will visit on each day
    • Ideally to share with participants in advance and as part of their “day of” packets
  • Site Visit Briefing and Preparation - orientation to the Site Visit + Field Based Portfolio Review process 
    • Be sure to share with all participants in advance
  • Site Visit Guide Template - data placemat to orient participants to the site/activity + illustrative learning questions to ask at the site
    • Prepare in advance and include in day-of packets for each participant
    • Data Placemat Template - make a copy, then input relevant data for each site
  • Daily Debrief Learning Guide - “daily debrief” note-taking template to capture/synthesize site visit teams’ learning across multiple sites
    • Print one copy per day per team - For use by designated note-taker (probably from SPO) to facilitate discussion among site visit teams at the end of each day, and capture consolidated/synthesized learning across multiple sites.
  • FBLR slide deck - to be completed by each site visit team at the end of all site visits
    • USAID Technical Team Lead, in collaboration with other site visit team members (including other USAID staff, IPs, sub awardees, other participants) to present back to other teams (and later to All-IP meeting) on what they learned, and the implications for DO-level adaptations
  • Mission-internal Decisional/Action Planning Portfolio Review Session - Slide deck for summarizing learning from Field-Based Learning Reviews + All-IP Meetings, and existing
    • Facilitation Plan for decisional exercises
    • Action Planning Template for implementing adaptations

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