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USAID Contribution

USAID/Malawi Geographic Information Systems ARCGIS 10.1 Training Modules


Over the past two years, USAID/Malawi implemented a Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide a spatial component to evidenced-based data analysis at the Mission. The Mission uses GIS to inform decision making processes across the program cycle from strategy to targeted program designs, data analysis and development and monitoring evaluation and learning.

In February 2014, the Mission undertook a two week capacity building event that developed GIS needs assessments for each technical office, built Mission awareness (spatial indoctrination) on how GIS could support specific technical portfolios and provided a series of trainings using both a CIO approved GIS freeware and ESRI's ArcGIS version 10.1. These trainings included staff from USAID, CDC, Peace Corps and key Government of Malawi Ministry counterparts. Over 30 AOR/CORs participated as did the six person expanded monitoring evaluation and learning team, and key members of senior staff. 

This training binder provides four modules with step-by-step training for any interested user. The modules provide an overview of GIS concepts and structures, an interactive overview of the ArcGIS 10.1 interface, and assists users to develop basic maps and improve their understanding of basic data development concepts required within a GIS platform. 

For more information please contact Stephen Menard at [email protected]

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