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Thank you for visiting the USAID Learning Lab Learning Guide

The USAID Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning recently revised the Agency’s Development and Program Cycle Operational Policies and the Program Cycle Learning Guide you are trying to access is no longer current.

The revised Automated Directives System (ADS) Chapter 200 describes the process of creating USAID development policy and articulates the development policy universe that affects all of the Agency’s programs ad actions.

ADS Chapter 201 provides guidance on the Program Cycle, which is USAID’s operational model for planning, delivering, assessing, and adapting development programming in given region or country to advance U.S. foreign policy. This chapter encompasses guidance and procedures for:

  • Making strategic decisions at the regional or country level about programmatic areas of focus and associated resources;
  • Designing projects and supportive activities to implement strategic plans; and
  • Learning from performance monitoring, evaluations, and other relevant sources of information to make course corrections as needed and inform future programming.

You can read the full guidance here