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Community Contribution

A Celebration for the 2017 Case Competition Winners and Finalists

Nov 06, 2017
Amy Leo

We recently hosted a celebratory reception for the winners and finalists of the 2017 CLA Case Competition. CLA Champions representing 23 cases gathered to network and be congratulated by Elizabeth Roen, Deputy Director of USAID/PPL's Office of Learning, Evaluation and Research, and Stacey Young, Senior Learning Advisor and CLA Team Lead.

Elizabeth Roen congratulates CLA Case Competition winners and finalists for their excellent CLA case study submissions. Credit: USAID LEARN.

USAID staff pose with USAID/Jordan's CLA case study poster. Credit: USAID LEARN.

Takawira Kapikinyu poses with Catholic Relief Service's CLA case study poster. Credit: USAID LEARN.

Alison Minor of USAID/Yemen explains her CLA case study. Credit: USAID LEARN.

Thank you for taking the time to share your CLA case study, winners and finalists!

The fourth-annual CLA Case Competition will launch in spring 2018. Sign up for the Learning Matters to be notified when the competition begins.