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Statement from USAID Administrator Mark Green on Collaborating, Learning and Adapting

Jun 19, 2018
USAID Learning Lab

USAID Administrator Mark Green was scheduled to deliver the keynote address at Moving the Needle 2018, but was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict. Deputy Administrator David Moore spoke at the event in his stead. Below is a letter from the Administrator read by David Moore at the event (image: right).

Dear Colleagues and Partners:

Welcome to the third Moving the Needle Conference on Collaborating, Learning and Adapting, the U.S. Agency for International Development’s framework for more-effective development. These themes are central to how we become a more-effective learning organization, and how we will realize the vision of self-reliance.

As we embrace more-efficient ways to support developing countries on their journey to self-reliance, collaborating, learning and adapting will help ensure we are designing and implementing programs that respond to local priorities, generate local resources, and strengthen local actors. This, in turn, will make the results we and our partners achieve more durable and sustainable.

It is essential to listen more intently to what the recipients of our assistance say about their experiences and their priorities. Many of you are already doing this by building strong learning and evidence agendas into your programs, and by developing your organizations’ learning culture. However we approach collaborating, learning and adapting, we can all effectively use our knowledge to mobilize learning and use our innovative funding to raise local resources in our partner countries. Thank you for your participation in this important event.

Mark Green
Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development