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What does Effective Learning Look Like?

Apr 04, 2016
Monalisa Salib

This blog is the second in an ongoing series exploring the components of USAID's CLA Framework. Here is the first blog on organizational culture.

Now that we’ve gotten why learning matters out of the way, I wanted to share briefly how we have articulated learning within the USAID Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) framework and the CLA Maturity Matrix.USAID CLA Framework GraphicStrategic learning (the yellow portion of the CLA framework) focuses on:

  1. Tracking, using, and contributing to the technical evidence base
  2. Testing and exploring our theories of change
  3. Identifying game changers and planning scenarios
  4. Ensuring our monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are designed to help us learn from implementation, in addition to meeting established reporting requirements

CLA Maturity Matrix Key Concepts Card  CLA Framework Key Concepts Card

CLA Framework Key Concepts Card CLA Framework Key Concepts Card 

This two-pager offers a deeper dive into the key concepts under learning and examples of CLA in action.

What are some examples of effective learning in your organization? Submit your response in the comments below.