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Webinar - Unappreciative Inquiry: A 12 Point Checklist for Reviewing Evaluation Reports

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January 28, 2016



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* This event has ended. To access the webinar recording and other post-event resources, please click here.

Is the draft evaluation report that landed on your desk from the external evaluation team you hired exemplary, or not quite? Are you afraid you might have a “surrealist evaluation” that reports the “most insignificant change” through “mixed-up methods”?  Before moving on to utilizing your evaluation findings, evaluation reviewers and managers have a responsibility to ensure that evaluation findings and conclusions are credible and well supported with logic and evidence. 

This presentation will introduce a 12 point checklist to help prompt critical thinking and guide evaluation reviewers through common pitfalls in program evaluations based on the presenter's many years of experience in reviewing and critiquing external evaluations of USAID programs. Numerous examples from USAID evaluations will be provided to highlight the practical relevance of the checklist. Time will be allotted at the end for questions from attendees. Also cat photos...there will be cat photos. 

Presenter: Jerome Gallagher is a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with DevTech Systems Inc. and a staff member of the USAID/PPL's Program Cycle Service Center. He previously served as the Evaluation Specialist for USAID's Europe and Eurasia Bureau after many years with USAID implementing partners.