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The systematic collection and analysis of information about the characteristics and outcomes of strategies, projects, and activities conducted as a basis for judgments to improve effectiveness and timed to inform decisions about current and future programming.

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I work for USAID. I'm reviewing an evaluation. I need clear definitions for what is a "finding," "conclusion," and "recommendation?" Thanks.
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In its efforts to advance understandings of how to measure the effects and effectiveness of collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) on development results, the CLAIM Learning Network has identified a number of learning questions around assessing CLA’s 'plausible... read more
Library Resource | May 29, 2018 | Reference
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Evidence-based decision-making is a powerful tool for transforming USAID from the Inside Out. In this episode, we’ll talk about where we see this happening in other industries, and why it can be challenging at USAID. We will also discuss two examples of innovative learning... read more
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This Discussion Note shares practical approaches and considerations for designing monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) platforms in Missions. “MEL platforms” refer to the portfolio of institutional support mechanisms designed to build capacity within USAID Missions to... read more
Library Resource | May 2, 2018 | USAID Documents
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Evaluation Community of India (ECOI) is going to organise a three-day event called EvalFest 2018: Voice, visibility and value. EvalFest 2018 has been conceptualised as a step in the direction to co-produce knowledge and build partnerships with various stakeholders to ensure... read more
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Adaptive programming and management principles focused on learning, experimentation, and evidence-based decision making are gaining traction with donor agencies and implementing partners in international development. Adaptation calls for using learning to inform adjustments... read more
Library Resource | Jan 15, 2018
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First, we look at learning at the project level. Listen as Nathan Morrow, an associate research professor at Tulane University and finalist in the 2016 CLA Case Competition, explains how a resilience project in Somalia is using data collected via mobile communication... read more
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In 2016, the Bureau of Policy, Planning and Learning (PPL) commissioned an internal stocktaking of USAID's mission-based MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning) Platforms. A MEL Platform is an implementing mechanism that provides a mission or other operating unit access... read more
Library Resource | Dec 29, 2017 | Technical Resources
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This is the evaluation form to be distributed to Mission participants at the end of the training.
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The collection of all PowerPoint slides for the USAID Evaluation Planning and Management (EPM) training.


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