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This presentation was delivered at the 2017 ICT Challenge Fund Learning Workshop in Arusha, Tanzania by Jim Phillips (IBTCI). 
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The USAID Education in Crisis and Conflict Network (ECCN) will host a webcast on Adapting M&E Tools for Crisis and Conflict using the Rapid Feedback Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (RF MERL) approach for USAID Programs. The webcast will take place on... read more
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This cross walk document assists personnel who must complete a USAID Performance Indicator Reference Sheet (PIRS) when working with U.S. standard foreign assistance indicators. The following cross walk is intended to make the differences between the indicator reference... read more
Library Resource | May 30, 2017
Library Resource
This position description for a Senior Learning Advisor (PSC-14) provides useful information for those that want to apply or for those developing their own organizational learning advisor position descriptions. The original PD was updated to reflect the evolving set of CLA... read more
Library Resource | Apr 27, 2017
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On this page:   What is it?   |   How do I get started?   |   Important Tips What is it? A learning agenda includes a (1) set of questions addressing critical knowledge gaps (2) a set of associated activities to answer them and (3) products aimed at disseminating findings... read more
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A Performance Management Plan (PMP) is a Mission-wide tool for planning and managing the process of (1) monitoring strategic progress, project performance, programmatic assumptions, and operational context; (2) evaluating performance and impact; and (3) learning and... read more
Library Resource | Mar 21, 2017
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This blog reviews Results-Based Management (RBM) frameworks, guides, handbooks, tools, and websites, and assesses their utility for international development practitioners: donor agency officials, project managers, field workers, development partner government agencies and... read more
Library Resource | Mar 16, 2017
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ADS 201 states that preliminary or illustrative performance or context indicator(s) must be included in the Results Framework Indicator Annex rather than in the Development Hypothesis or Results Framework sections of the CDCS.This optional template has been developed by... read more
Library Resource | Feb 14, 2017
Library Resource
These documents provide supplemental guidance to ADS 201. Additional Help: Monitoring & Evaluation for a G2G Agreement: This document provides additional help to ADS 201 relating to Activity Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Plans for activities implemented... read more
Library Resource | Feb 10, 2017
Library Resource
A learning agenda includes a (1) set of questions addressing the critical knowledge gaps impeding informed design and implementation decisions and (2) plans for learning activities to help answer those questions. A basic process for a learning agenda includes three key... read more
Library Resource | Feb 3, 2017 | Technical Resources


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