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The ongoing and systematic tracking of data or information relevant to USAID strategies, projects, and activities.

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This webinar is an introduction to performance monitoring at the activity level. It explains some key concepts in performance monitoring and demonstrates how one develops a performance motioning plan based on a project or activity theory of change and its associated logic... read more
Library Resource | Apr 30, 2019
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This resource covers the basics of data collection for performance monitoring, including: primary and secondary types of data sources, common data collection methods, and the process of identifying appropriate data collection tools. The primary audience is USAID Program... read more
Library Resource | Mar 15, 2019
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This resource provides an overview of complementary techniques used to scan and understand the environment in the BRAMA Belarus program. BRAMA employs a comprehensive “environmental scanning” methodology that is comprised of a set of analytical tools to glean real-time data... read more
Library Resource | Feb 5, 2019 | Case Study
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How can Developmental Evaluations support Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) in our work? This short briefer illustrates the ways and means Developmental Evaluations can support CLA.
Library Resource | Nov 30, 2018 | Lessons Learned
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The Resiliency in Northern Ghana (RING) program is a five-year, $60 million, Feed the Future program that seeks to reduce household poverty and malnutrition in 17 districts in Northern Ghana. The program delivers a variety of activities through local District Assemblies in... read more
Library Resource | Nov 12, 2018 | Case Study
There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that people struggle to actually use data and evidence to inform their decisions. While there are a number of reasons for this, one of the main reasons is that teams and organizations often fail to internalize the data and... read more
Blog | Nov 5, 2018 | Learning Lab
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This document supplements ADS 201 by answering frequently asked questions about the relationships between Performance Management Plans (PMP), Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Plans, and Activity MEL Plans. This is not intended to be a guide to each of these... read more
Library Resource | Oct 26, 2018
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There is a growing recognition that political economy analysis (PEA) is an essential aspect of external donor assistance to complex health reform processes. USAID’s Vision for Health Systems Strengthening (2015–2019), for example, recognizes that “broad political economy... read more
Library Resource | Oct 2, 2018 | Lessons Learned
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USAID/Brazil supports the Partnership for the Conservation of Amazon Biodiversity (PCAB) as its flagship program in close collaboration with the Government of Brazil, the U.S. Forest Service and a host of Brazilian implementing partners.  The program is monitored... read more
Library Resource | Sep 10, 2018 | Technical Resources
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USAID’s evaluation policy and the integration of aid effectiveness principles in our work created an important impetus for USAID/Peru to incorporate Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) capacity building as a specific focus of our assistance. As we increasingly worked... read more
Library Resource | Sep 12, 2018 | Case Study


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