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Evaluation in Performance Management Plans

A Performance Management Plan (PMP) is a Mission-wide tool for planning and managing the process of monitoring strategic progress, project performance, programmatic assumptions, and operational context; evaluating performance and impact; and learning and adapting from evidence. Each Mission must prepare a Mission-wide PMP. Missions that do not have a CDCS are still required to have a PMP that covers any projects they fund (ADS

Each Mission must prepare a Mission-wide PMP within three months of CDCS approval. Missions must keep the PMP up-to-date to reflect changes in the CDCS or projects. Missions must update the PMP with new project indicators, evaluations, and learning efforts as each new Project Appraisal Document (PAD) is approved. Missions should update information in the evaluation plan from Project and Activity MEL plans upon their approval.

Per ADS, Missions must include an evaluation plan in their Mission PMP to identify, summarize, and track all evaluations as they are planned across the Mission and over the entire CDCS timeframe by Development Objective (DO). An evaluation plan must include the following information for each planned evaluation, as it becomes available:

  • The strategy, project, or activity to be evaluated;
  • Evaluation purpose and expected use;
  • Evaluation type (performance or impact);
  • Possible evaluation questions;
  • Whether it is external or internal;
  • Whether it fulfills an evaluation requirement or is a non-required evaluation;
  • Estimated budget;
  • Planned start date; and
  • Estimated completion date.

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