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Evaluation Registry

The annual Performance Plan and Report (PPR) documents USG foreign assistance results achieved over the past fiscal year and sets targets on designated performance indicators for the next two fiscal years. The PPR also includes the Evaluation Registry as a sub-module for documenting each Mission and Washington Operating Unit’s work on evaluation.

The Evaluation Registry includes information on evaluations completed in the most recent fiscal year, evaluations that are currently ongoing, and evaluations planned for the current year and two additional out-years. This includes required, non-required, external and internal evaluations. As of FY2013, the data from the Evaluation Registry are also used to calculate the targets and actuals for the USAID Forward Evaluation Indicator. Evaluation status and budget data from the Evaluation Registry is critical to helping USAID understand the number of evaluations completed across the Agency, the totality of budget resources being devoted to evaluation, and trends over the fiscal years. These data also help USAID demonstrate to external stakeholders, such as the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, the priority that USAID places on evaluation.

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