USAID Learning Lab Podcast Episode 2: Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Mar 28, 2017 by Amy Leo Comments (0)

We get a lot of requests for examples of what collaborating, learning and adapting looks like in practice. So in this episode, we’re zeroing in on the C in CLA, collaboration, with three case studies. In our first story, an ambitious Program Manager applies the principles of human centered design to workshop facilitation. Next, I’ll speak with someone who is using digital storytelling to build bridges between women in South Africa. And third, Bari Rabin shares about facilitating a collaborative process among an unlikely group of stakeholders in Guatemala. In the closing, LEARN Chief of Party Piers Bocock reflects on about what jazz can teach us about collaboration.

If the concept of CLA is new to you, listen to episode one for a good introduction. After listening, share your thoughts on episode two by commenting here or tweeting @USAIDLearning.

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