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Community Contribution

A Culture of Collaboration, Learning, and Adaptability: Examples from Lebanon

Rebecca Herrington

Search for Common Ground has long implemented a culture of collaborative, reflective learning around programming and across its country offices. This case story highlights recent efforts in Lebanon over the first six months of 2015 to bring together different levels of stakeholders across four different projects to jointly identify lessons learned, challenges, and possible solutions for moving programming forward. This type of multi-stakeholder learning is crucial to maintain flexibility and adaptability in the complex, conflict-affected environment in which Search works. The process in Lebanon exemplifies how Search attempts to build integrated learning among its teams, enhance ownership of projects by local partners and beneficiaries, and engage more directly with donors on the shifting environments, progress, and impacts their funding is affecting.

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This case study was submitted as part of USAID's CLA Case Competition, held in August 2015. This collection of examples illustrate the diversity of ways collaborating, learning, and adapting approaches are being operationalized in the field. To view more CLA cases like this one, visit the CLA Case Competition page

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