What is the Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Learning?

Jun 26, 2018 by Piers Bocock, Stacey Young Comments (1)

The focus of this episode, our fourth in our Leaders in Learning series, focuses in on something we’ve touched on in previous episodes, particularly episode 2: what aspects of an organization’s culture contribute to its learning capacity?

In this episode, as with previous ones, we’ll hear clips from three of the ten thought-leaders that we interviewed for this series.  They are:

  • Chris Collison, a world-renowned independent consultant (Chris also features in episode 5)
  • Clive Martlew, Lead for Leadership and Learning at the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) (Clive also features in episode 6)
  • Rob Cartridge, Head of Global Knowledge at Practical Action (Rob also features in episode 5)

This episode’s clips focus on three themes that emerged around the connection between an organization’s culture and its learning capacity:

  1. Learning-centric values
  2. Tools that reinforce a learning culture
  3. Leadership support

After listening to this episode, we invite you to use the comments section below share your experience with learning-based values, supportive tools, and examples of leadership support.

And be sure to tune into episode 5, in which we hone in on that question of leadership.

You can stream new episodes here on USAID Learning Lab or search for “USAID Learning Lab” wherever you listen to podcasts.


Rich discussion. Totally enjoyed it.

posted 3 years ago