What is the Role of Formal and Informal Leadership in Organizational Learning?

Jul 3, 2018 by Piers Bocock, Stacey Young Comments (0)

The focus of the fifth episode in the Leaders in Learning series is one of the most challenging questions that we routinely face: What is the role of formal and informal leadership in creating a learning organization? This episode builds on previous episodes in connecting components of leadership and effective learning organizations, a key connection that we see consistently.

The Leaders in Learning featured in this episode are:

  • Thom Sinclair, Gateway Academy Team Lead at the Consultative Group to Address the Poor (CGAP) housed at the World Bank (between Stacey and Piers in the photo on the right)
  • Rob Cartridge, Head of Global Knowledge at Practical Action
  • Chris Collison, a leading independent KM and OL consultant

The discussion themes that we discuss in this episode are:

  1. Formal leadership support
  2. Informal leadership support
  3. Characteristics of supportive learning leaders

Tune in to episode 6, when we discuss the integration of learning practices and approaches into day-to-day work processes, with Karen Mokate, Clive Martlew, and Alison Evans.

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