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USAID Contribution

Case Studies of Collective Action in USAID Programming

Office of Strategic and Program Planning, iDesign Team, Linc Local LLC

These case studies provide Mission staff and implementing partners with clear insights from Collective Action in USAID programming, highlighting technical approaches, adaptations and implementation. The case studies illustrate: 

  • Background on the technical objectives, rationale for collaboration and operational context 
  • Collaboration approach including design, initiation and structure, and
  • Reflections on successes, challenges, lessons learned and collective action factors for success. 

The ten case studies cover a variety of geographic locations and technical focus areas.

Activity: Family Care First

Mission(s): Cambodia | Dates: 2015-Ongoing | Focus: Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Activity: Partnership for HIV-Free Survival

Mission(s): Tanzania| Dates: 2013-2016| Focus: Maternal and Child Health

Activity: Transparency Rapid Response Project

Mission(s): Mexico| Dates: 2016-2021| Focus: Anti-Corruption

Activity: Clean Air Green Cities

Mission(s): Vietnam| Dates: 2017-2022| Focus: Air Quality

Activity: Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement

Mission(s): Nigeria| Dates: 2014-2019| Focus: Governance and Civil Society

Activity: Sanitation for Health

Mission(s): Uganda| Dates: 2018-Ongoing| Focus: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Activity: Bangladesh Livestock Coordination Group

Mission(s): Bangladesh| Dates: 2014-2016| Focus: Agriculture, Livestock

Activity: CORE Group Polio Project

Mission(s): Kenya & Somalia| Dates: 2014-2024| Focus: Healthcare

Activity: Mindanao Youth for Development

Mission(s): Philippines| Dates: 2013-2019| Focus: Local Government

Activity: Partnerships for Resilience and Economic Growth

Mission(s): Kenya & East Africa| Dates: 2014-Ongoing| Focus: Resilience

Learn more about Collective Action here.

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