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Community Contribution

Case Study: The Market Systems Diagnostic

Dun Grover, Hayden Aaronson, Jennifer Himmelstein, Jini Kades

To improve how markets function, particularly for the poor and most vulnerable, we need to understand the underlying determinants that indicate whether a market system is becoming more inclusive, competitive and resilient.

To respond to this need, ACDI/VOCA developed a Market Systems Diagnostic methodology for assessing the overall health of a market system, helping inform how our projects are contributing to broader changes within a system as well as providing insightful learning on how market systems function and where interventions can have the biggest impact. This methodology aligns with USAID’s Market Systems Resilience Measurement Framework, a key part of USAID’s Market Systems Resilience Measurement Resources, and the system health tools developed for USAID’s Leveraging Economic Opportunities (LEO) project.

This case study reflects on how ACDI/VOCA has adapted the Diagnostic methodology to the different contexts of its activities in Honduras and Myanmar, on the results observed, and on key learnings for future application.

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