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Community Contribution

CLA to enhance private sector provision of FP for adolescents in Nepal

MPHD Nepal

MOMENTUM in Nepal works with private sector service delivery points (SDPs) across provinces to expand the access to high quality, person-centered family planning (FP) services, especially for adolescents (15-19 years) and young adults (20-29 years), by strengthening the technical and managerial capacity. Previous programmatic experience highlighted a major gap in providers knowledge on sharing  information about side effects and how to address them to contraceptive users and purchasers. Therefore, in the first phase of the project, MPHD Nepal worked with private sector facilities to support in improving technical capacity to deliver quality and client-centered FP services. 

MPHD Nepal had engaged 105 private health facilities (73 pharmacies, 21 clinics/poly clinics and 11 hospitals) in seven municipalities of Madhesh and Karnali provinces during the Pilot Phase (May 2021-September 2022) of the program. The service providers were trained in areas of adolescent-friendly FP service provision, counseling on method choice, side effects, management of side effect, and possibility to switch. The continuous learning and improvement approach was applied in the program via digital intervention for monitoring and evaluation. A dashboard for regular updates was established as part of continuous learning through tracking, coaching and quality improvement of FP services from the private service delivery points. 

The continuous learning and adaptation of phase 1 allowed the project to refine and scale up the capacity enhancement of private providers to provide high quality FP services. The MPHD private sector FP approach is being scaled-up to 800 plus private sector  SDPs across six provinces of Nepal. 

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