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Community Contribution

COVID-19 Awareness Phone Calls-Final Report

Action Against Hunger - Jordan Mission

Action Against Hunger currently responded to the COVID-19 outbreak through providing immediate preventions’ activities at community level to its current and former projects’ direct beneficiaries and their household’s members in Jordan.

As a result of the Government of Jordan lockdown decision on 18 March, 2020, Action Against Hunger decided to adapt its field face-to-face community awareness approach to reach communities through awareness raising phone calls.

The awareness activities aim to provide the communities with the following information:

  • Information related to COVID19;

  • Precautionary and prevention measures as per Ministry of Health recommendation;

  • Information about hotlines and possible referral (including internal MHPSS referral).

Action Against Hunger is committed to deliver its interventions according to its charter of principles, protection principles and core humanitarian standards.

Action Against Hunger’s awareness activities follows the following COVID19 response standards and guidance:

  • WHO COVID response:

    • Pillar 2: Risk communication and community engagement

  • SPHERE COVID19 standards:

    • WASH Chapter - Hygiene Promotion section - Standard 1.1 (Hygiene promotion) requires that People are aware of key public health risks related to water, sanitation and hygiene, and can adopt individual, household and community measures to reduce them.

    • Health Chapter – Health systems standard 1.5 (Health information) - Essential healthcare – Section on Communicable diseases Standard 2.1.1 (Prevention): People have access to healthcare and information to prevent communicable diseases.

  • IASC MHPSS COVID-19 guidance.

  • The Jordanian Ministry of Health COVID-19 Guidance

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