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Cultivating an ECOsystem of Adaptive Learning in the E3 Bureau


The ECO Project was designed to strengthen USAID’s development impact by ensuring high-quality learning in the environment and climate change sectors. The project worked collaboratively with USAID counterparts to improve the technical capacity of USAID staff by designing and supporting the delivery of learning events, developing resources and spaces for collaboration, and strengthening systems and processes that support learning and its application. Specifically, the project supported four different offices with the E3 Bureau focusing on four task areas: Competency-Based Training, Knowledge Management, Communications & Reporting, and Facilitation. With collaboration as a major theme of the project, we needed to be agile and adapt to multiple approaches. Over time, we refined a range of learning processes that responded to individual task and office needs, while simultaneously beginning to cultivate an approach to task integration that amplified learning and increased resource efficiencies. We found CLA is an effective approach, if applied patiently and appropriately, that can begin to cross siloed office boundaries to foster cross-unit and cross-task learning. Our USAID partners say that ECO has been instrumental in giving them the resources, skills and expertise to increase performance throughout the Agency.

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