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Community Contribution

Daily Review & Action Sessions to Facilitate Program Adaptation

K. Zoerhoff, M. Fall, M. Ndiaye, D. Cohn, V. Yevstigneyeva

Between 2016-2017, the national neglected tropical disease (NTD) program in Senegal, with support from RTI International with USAID funding through ENVISION, developed and implemented a new intervention package with the aim to increase coverage for lymphatic filariasis (LF) through mass drug administration (MDA). This package included strengthening a daily data review and action process, in order to take corrective action during the MDA to ensure sufficient coverage was met. This was done by using routine monitoring and evaluation (M&E) data to assess (during the MDA) whether coverage targets are being reached (M&E for learning); convening decision-makers daily to review the data, identify areas of poor performance, and determine solutions (External collaboration, Pause & reflect, Decision-making); and providing feedback to district and sub-district staff about how to adapt programming based on this learning in order to reach targets (Adaptive management). This approach resulted in increased LF MDA coverage in the districts supported by USAID, improved timeliness of data reporting, and strengthened feedback.  

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